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“I always knew I wanted to teach my daughter, Esme, some sign language. I knew it would help with her speech development and also just every day communication. Esme has had chronic ear infections which has led to some hearing issues. Unfortunately her ear tube surgery was canceled today (thanks, Covid-19.) We have been going hard with your book the last couple of weeks and she is regularly signing these 3 signs (all done, milk and bed) and we hope to have the rest down by the end of the month. The “all done” was the most important one seeing that it can be used in many situations. I liked being able to see your children do the signs (even if not perfect, just like mine) but knowing we would at least understand. The book has great everyday words/signs that can be used constantly! I like how it had the laid out directions with pictures to help you understand. Of course, your attention to detail with colors, pictures, and placement was not overlooked.”  Thank you. - , Royal Oak MI (Daughter Esme, 15 months) 


We have the book and absolutely love it! We pre-ordered your book and have been working on signs since 6 months and he’s 9 months now. You are such an inspiring mama! I actually use all the signs in your book daily and consistently! 

Woodlands, Texas


I have to tell you how excited I am!! I’ve been working on “sleep” with my daughter because she gets soooo cranky when she’s tired. So little tiny victory today... she was crying and I signed “sleep” and she immediately stopped crying looked at me and smiled! I took her immediately to her crib and signed it a few more times. But she UNDERSTOOD 😍 It is best feeling EVER. She was so pleased I understood her. I am definitely going to start using more of them now. Just wow wow wow... Thank you for sharing this!

Julia, San Diego

My daughter is 20 months old and was born deaf! She has a "soft diagnosis" of a neuromuscular disease called CMT4b3 (Charcot Marie Tooth disease). This is most likely the cause of her hearing loss, but we have learned to embrace every difference she has! When I saw your sign language book, I nearly jumped!! Your book, in comparison to others we have, is definitely easier to navigate! The pictures are perfect for learning the sign, but the simple directions are what make it! So many examples are hard to understand when actually put into motion. I love the detail that you paid attention to! It is essential for getting the signs right. Of course we already knew the signs before getting the book, but even Larkin was able to differentiate the signs by just seeing the signs by the book characters! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 


Again, thank you for all of your effort that went into this book. My husband is a HUGE fan of your husband, and now - seeing how inclusive you are is awesome! I guess I just wanted to thank you for creating something for all families! We can't wait for more! 😍


We’ve been working on sign Language for a while but it’s really clicked with Harrison after getting this book. He connected THREE signs yesterday!! I’m so proud of him. He communicated more, food, please. Shout out to SignMeUp.
Detroit Ml


Hi Elise, 

I just wanted to send a note and say thank you for being a sign language advocate. 

My son is speech delayed and I began looking into sign language a few months back after seeing you use it with your kids and it has been SO helpful with our son. 

Your book is so beautiful and easy to understand. It’s quickly becoming a favorite in our household. 

I bought an additional copy of your book to share with my parents, who sometimes watch our son and it gave them several AH-HA! moments with understanding what our son signs to them. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

(Photos of my son this morning signing some of his favorites)


“We realized she would shake her hands and it’s her saying more!! It is so awesome that our daughter Emersyn can communicate with us! Thanks for the tips and the amazing book! So user friendly, we love it! You’re an inspirational mama that’s for sure!”
Clarkston, MI


“I just wanted to tell you - you and your book inspired me to start signing with my baby a few months ago and she’s picked up a few signs. But my 4 year old has seriously taken off with it. She knows so many signs and is constantly asking me to look up/ teach her more. She now uses them interchangeably with words and it is amazing!! She now says she wants to do sign language as a job when she grows up! The  book is not just for babies or toddlers! Thank you SO MUCH!”

Maddie Dehring. My 4 year old is Eloise, my baby is Gracie

-Hazel Park, MI


Hi Elise! I wanted to message you and tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I started following when you were in Detroit.. I live 40 mins from detroit! I discovered tiny organics from you and it has helped my son so much, he was born with anatomical issues and when I purchased their meals it changed his life! I also wanted to thank you for making such a cute and easy to follow sign book!! Reed doesn’t use many words and I started your book today and he already knows “more”! I feel like I have already heard less whining today! Keep shining- I’m watching and learning from you from afar. You’re a rockstar.


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“Evidence shows that the use of baby sign language enhances and supports the development of spoken language.  It fosters communication in the family, and helps babies assign meaning to words.  In addition, Sign Me Up is as diverse and inclusive a parenting book as I have ever seen...critically important and relevant for our families today.  This book should be in every new or soon-to-be parent’s library!”  

Lori Taylor MD, Pediatrician

Hi  I’m a preschool speech language pathologist and I just wanted to thank you for creating this masterpiece!!! I’m a HUGE proponent of babies using sign and I’ve been directing all my parents with babies to your page and to buy your book!!! Thank you thank you for creating this much needed resource!!! 💕

MaryLynn Dodge  - Preschool Language Pathologist 

I’ve been working for Head Start and Early Head Start for 9 years,  and I oversee the EHS program. It’s a home-based program where we serve the ages 0-3 and pregnant women. We are the parents coach, recognize the parent as the number 1 teacher in their child’s lives and help get them ready for preschool. We serve a majority of families that are low income. 

We use sign language as a tool for communication. It’s simply amazing! 

Ashley Bridges - Elkhart, Indiana

Sign Me Up for a Happy Home is practical, inclusive, and easy to use. I’ll definitely be recommending it as a resource to my clients.”

Bree Milani, MOT, OTR/L, C-NDT, Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Co-Founder of Sprout & Thrive

Colleen Farrell

As a profoundly Deaf person holding a Master’s Degree in Deaf Studies: Sign Language Teaching, I was brought in as an Expert Consultant to review and provide expertise on Sign Me Up for a Happy Home and I was very impressed by Elise’s level of detail and commitment to ensure the correct signs were included, and for bringing in an authentic perspective.  This book is great for families who want to develop early communication access with their children with helpful illustrations and tips on every page. 

Colleen Farrell. Master’s Degree in Deaf Studies: Sign Language Teaching

Happy Signing

Love, The Tate Family


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